Useful Resources to Help You Learn Japanese Quickly

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Have you ever dreamed of learning Japanese? Whether it’s a fascination with the country or simply a passion to broaden your knowledge of languages, learning Japanese can be an excellent goal to pursue. 

However, to ensure you’re getting the most from your learning goals, it’s integral to consider how you could make this process a little easier. 

Luckily, we’ve outlined some of the best Japanese beginner lessons and resources today. Hopefully, this will help you determine the most valuable strategy for your own language learning needs.

Useful Resources for Japanese Beginners

Learning Japanese doesn’t have to be a monumental goal. However, you’ll still need to spend a little time considering a few key features to help make this process a little bit easier. Luckily, we’ve summarised several vital things you should know to help. 

1. Mastering the Japanese Alphabet

Before you can begin learning Japanese properly, you’ll first need to master the Japanese alphabet. Of course, this can be a tricky process. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that many people stumble at this point. However, there are ways you can make learning the Japanese alphabet a little easier. 

One such option is to invest in Volume One of Remembering the Kanji  – an exceptionally valuable Japanese guide that can help you learn this complex new language quickly and easily. In addition, the Kanji Damage site can also be a great way to make learning the Kanji a little less painful.

Moreover, we’d highly recommend that you keep the Jisho online dictionary to hand to help if you need a little help with any particular words.

2. Honing Reading Skills

Without a doubt, if you’re looking to hone your Japanese reading skills, one of the most effective ways to start is with children’s stories. 

While they might not be the most engaging tales for you, personally, children’s stories are designed for low-level Japanese speakers and learners. As such, they’re a time-honored and simple solution to help improve your reading skills initially. 

There are countless different Japanese books you could try reading. However, we highly recommend considering a book of traditional Japanese children’s stories that also contains an English translation – allowing you to check your own progress as you learn.

3. Join Online Japanese Language Lessons and Courses in Singapore

If you need a little more support for your Japanese language learning efforts, joining online Japanese language lessons and courses in Singapore could be ideal. These simple lessons are tailored to your unique requirements. 

Moreover, they help ensure you’re getting the most from your learning and can provide support and corrections as appropriate. As such, if you’re facing any difficulties, you know you’ll be able to count on your Japanese tutor for beginner lessons to help.

4. Try Memorization Apps

If there are particular words that you’re struggling with, you could always try flashcards to help further your learning. Apps such as the Anki app are especially helpful in this regard, helping you master those words and phrases you might otherwise have been struggling with. 

Similarly, while not a flashcards app, Wani Kani is a great tool to help you learn basic Japanese vocabulary in just a year.

5. Watching Japanese Movies: An All-in-One Solution

If you’d like to improve your Japanese skills across the board, we’d also recommend watching your favorite movies. Whether you watch the movie completely in Japanese, or if you watch then in English with Japanese subtitles (or vice versa) is up to you. 

Still, this simple approach is not only great fun, but it’s an excellent way to immerse yourself in Japanese listening and reading.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, learning Japanese can be something of a challenge. You need to learn the different words, pronunciations, and the like, and you also have to master a brand new language! 

And while the English language only has a handful of letters, the Japanese jouyou kanji has over 2000 – that’s no easy feat to learn! 

Nevertheless, while this can seem like something of an uphill battle, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, and there are several simply excellent resources you could consider to help you learn Japanese quickly and easily, as a result.

Have you tried any of today’s resources? Or perhaps you’d like to find out more about signing up for our online Japanese language courses in Singapore? Whatever the case might be, get in touch with us today. We’re here for you.

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