Benefits of Learning Japanese

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Japanese is a popular choice for a second language for many people all over the world, and there’s definitely a reason why. 

Japan is an exciting country that produces a lot of media, offers many jobs, and has an exciting and vibrant culture that is interesting to many. 

If you’re wondering if you should take the leap and start learning Japanese, here are five reasons why it’s a great decision to make.

1. Japan’s economy is booming.

Japan has the second largest economy in the world, which means there are many businesses that are either based in the country, or have offices there. 

Learning Japanese opens up a whole new world of job possibilities for you and can even help you advance your career within a company that’s not based in Japan. 

2. It’s the only way to truly understand Japanese culture..

You might be interested in some aspects of Japanese culture, but to fully understand them, learning the language is a must. You’ll be able to see a new perspective and learn what things truly mean as there are some things that don’t translate well into English. 

3. Japanese is the third most used language on the internet today.

Nearly 10% of all internet users use Japanese to communicate, and learning the language will allow you to communicate with them and consume the content that they are releasing. 

Whether you’re interested in message boards and text resources or YouTube or Instagram content, learning Japanese will give you more options when it comes to parts of the internet that you can interact with.

4. It will give you an advantage when it comes to learning other east Asian languages.

Although learning Japanese won’t automatically make you fluent in other east Asian languages, it will definitely make it easier for you if you choose another one to learn. 

For example, the Korean language has many grammatical similarities to Japanese so while you may need time to pick up the nuances of the language, you wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

5. Japanese media and culture is incredibly popular.

One of the most common reasons that people in the west choose to study Japanese is so that they can easily consume Japanese media. Even if you aren’t a fan of manga or anime, you’re probably aware of how much people like those things. 

Beyond that, there are many things common throughout the world that originated in Japan such as karaoke and sushi!

6. Millions of Japanese tourists visit the United States every year.

Even if you’re not planning on traveling to Japan, you actually have a pretty good chance of running into someone who speaks the language. 

If you work in the tourism or hospitality industry, learning Japanese will allow you to communicate effectively with more visitors and provide an all-around better experience.

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