Eight Easy Ways to Learn a New Language

learning a new language

Learning a new language can be incredibly rewarding- but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy process! Many people think they’re unable to learn a second language especially as they get older but it’s never too late. You can learn a new language in many different ways but here are eight of the best and easiest ways you can learn.


1. Listen to Music

Listening to music can be an incredibly helpful way to learn a new language! The rhythmic patterns and hooks can make memorization so much easier and learning the new words can feel as easy as learning the lyrics to music in your native tongue.


2. Watch a Movie or TV Show

When you’re watching a TV show or a movie you follow the story by paying attention to so much more than just the words that are spoken. Facial cues, settings, musical stings, and many other things can help you understand what’s going on even without knowing the language. Watch in the original language and turn on English captions to start picking up some phrases and aspects of the language.


3. Use free online resources

Many students upload study materials online and you can find websites with digital practice flashcards and more to help you learn.

4. Join a Conversational Group

If you live near a big city or a place where there is a high concentration of people who speak the language you are learning, you may be able to find a conversational group where you can practice the language. These are usually somewhat informal and bring together speakers from all walks of life so you’ll get a crash course in practical application of what you’ve learned.


5. Consume Media Designed for Children

This might sound silly, but media designed for children is carefully crafted to teach the basics of language and communication which is exactly what you need when you’re just starting out in your language learning journey. Try finding versions of books or movies you’re already familiar with in the language you’re trying to learn – the context clues and previous knowledge can help you fill in gaps which will help you learn.


6. Make Friends Who Speak the Language

The best way to learn a language is to dive in and start speaking! You won’t know much at first but you really have to just start and forgive yourself for making mistakes. Making friends who speak the language or are learning like you will give you a comfortable place to start practicing.


7. Travel

Although traveling isn’t an option for everyone, if you have the chance to do so you’ll get a valuable opportunity to practice the language in a way that using flashcards and textbooks can’t replicate. You’ll be able to learn nuances of the language as well as new slang that may not even be taught in those written materials.


8. Take an Online Course

Of course, the best way to learn a new language is by taking private one-on-one lessons and using the eight methods listed above as supplemental strategies to help you become more comfortable with the language. If you’re interested in taking your language learning seriously and taking the next step, consider taking lessons from Mingo Space. You can start at whichever level you are currently at and learn from native language speakers. Click here to get started! For more information, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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