About Us

Mingo Space, in 2020, is an online language school based in Malaysia and Australia. My friends and I founded this online language school because we believe that language lessons should focus on cultures rather than grammars, vocabularies, and sentence structures.

To communicate with a native speaker, we believe that confidence is far more important than language proficiency. At Mingo Space, we will work to boost your confidence while also teaching you about different cultures.

You will soon be able to speak more confidently and master a new language using this method!

Meet Our Team

We look forward to guiding you in your language learning journey!

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MingoSpace language teacher

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MingoSpace language teacher

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The Teachers

MingoSpace Language teacher


With a bachelor's degree in education, I have taught students ranging in age from 5 to 60 both online and in person.

I believe that learning a new language not only allows you to communicate with native speakers, but it also allows you to enter their hearts.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing online voluntary work and learning new languages like Japanese. I look forward to seeing you soon.

MingoSpace language teacher


I am a native speaker of Mandarin (Chinese), and i have learnt Malay and English since I was a kid. I am a friendly and responsible teacher.

I have experienced teaching Mandarin online since year 2019 and have taught students from all ages, varying from kids to adults. I have experienced teaching in kindergarten and daycare center.

As every person has his own learning purpose, I will customize my teaching styles based on your learning styles.