Is It Hard To learn Malay Language?

Malay language flashcards

When it comes to learning a language in the west, there are a few like French and Spanish that have a seemingly endless selection of resources and classes which make them a lot easier to learn.

Many people avoid learning certain languages, like Malay, because they feel they do not have the resources to learn it and that it will be too difficult.

Although it does take some effort to study Malay and speak it well, here are several reasons that Malay is easier to learn than you think!

1. Malay and English both use Latin script.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning Asian languages is the script, which is often completely different from the Latin script that English uses.

Malay is an exception to that, and the fact that the language is written using that same Latin script makes it a lot easier to absorb.

This is perhaps the biggest reason that Malay is considered to be one of the easiest Asian languages to learn for English speakers.

2. Malay uses many English loanwords, and vice versa!

Although the Malay language stands on it’s own, there are several words and phrases that may sound or look familiar to you if you’re an English speaker. The reason for this is there are many examples of the two languages borrowing from each other.

Here are some examples of words that are similar in both languages:

English Malay
Chocolate Cake
Kek Coklat
Chili Sauce
Sos Cili
Compound (Enclosed group of buildings)

3. Malay does not include tonal differences of the same word or phrase.

Tonal differences are common in the English language. For example, the phrase “Do you like me?” could mean four different things depending on which word you choose to emphasize.

This nuance doesn’t exist in Malay, which is one of the reasons that Malay can be easier to learn.

4. You won’t need to learn conjugations, verb tenses, pluralization, or gendered words.

Many people find the nuances of language structure to be a real challenge, and many of these nuances are not present in the Malay language.

For example, you won’t need to worry about verb tenses which will allow you to reach fluency much quicker because you only have to learn one word when you learn a verb instead of having to learn a word and six versions of it like you would in a language like Spanish.

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