8 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Private Language Lessons

portrait of smiling male teacher and student

There are many ways to learn a new language – you can learn from watching movies, listening to podcasts, and, of course, by taking classes or private lessons.

If you’re wondering whether you should find a local class or if you should invest in private lessons, here are some reasons why the latter is more likely to benefit you.

1. You’ll get an education that is totally customized to you.

The best thing about any kind of private lesson is that it’s all about you! If you find it helpful to repeat phrases to mimic your tutors’ pronunciation, they can work that into the plan.

Private lessons allow you to take lessons that are perfectly suited to your learning style.

2. You may feel less nervous about practicing your speech.

If you’re prone to anxiety, the chance to work one-on-one with someone allows you to quickly adapt to the point where you feel comfortable going out on a limb and making mistakes.

3. You’ll be able to learn at a faster pace than you would in a classroom setting.

While private lessons may seem like the more expensive option, you may actually end up paying less in the long run because you’re likely to learn at a much faster speed with one-on-one tutoring.

The entire lesson will be about meeting you where you are at which means you can focus on what you find challenging and work through it quicker.

4. You’ll be able to learn a language in a way that benefits you and your goals.

Private language lessons allow you to give feedback to your tutor as you learn which means you can focus on parts of the language that benefit you.

For example, if you are trying to learn a language for your next vacation you’ll probably want to learn some different vocabulary than you would if you were learning for business purposes.

5. You can book private lessons at a time that works for you.

Even with the most popular languages, there is a limit to your options for class times and locations. Booking private lessons allows you to have more flexibility and many private tutors give lessons over video chat so you don’t even have to leave your house to get started.

The internet also allows you to connect with tutors in other countries which means you have even more options when it comes to your schedule.

6. Potential bad habits won’t have time to develop.

When you’re working with a private tutor, every step of your language learning process is carefully observed as your tutor’s attention is focused fully on you.

If you start misspelling a word regularly or pronouncing something wrong, your tutor will be able to correct you before it becomes a habit.

7. Group classes may not give you time to get your questions answered.

Although group classes can be great for practicing conversation, the teacher has to design a lesson plan that suits every student which means that you may not have time to work on areas you struggle with or get your specific questions answered.

8. Your conversation practice can be personal, which in turn makes it fun!

Once you connect with the right tutor for you, you can get to know them and talk about topics that interest you. If you love Marvel movies and your tutor does too, you can talk about the latest one in the language you’re learning.

The chance to focus on topics you’re already familiar with can make learning a language far easier.

Private lessons are the best way to learn how to speak a new language. When you’re ready to make the next steps in your journey to learn Mandarin, Japanese, or Malay, contact us to learn more about MingoSpace’s curriculum and process.

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